Access to finance

Venturn Access to Finance.

We are often asked to help businesses who need access to finance.

If you have a simple requirement that can be easily served from the main stream banks or through grant funding, then you are not likely to need our help. However, if your requirements are more complex, your requirements are urgent as your have acute cash flow pressures, or your business has inherent issues that need to be fixed and your survival depends upon new money, then we are the people to talk to.

We review your business in the same way that a new bank would, and the same way that a new investor would. We create a plan, a strategy and a financial forecast and this then becomes your business plan.

"We include rigorous due diligence and challenge you and your business model with all of those difficult questions that you’ve been hiding from."

We perform sensitivity and opportunity analysis and form a view of how the business will develop and how a potential bank or investor will view it. Once this is complete, we can provide you with real and honest advice about what to do, and where to go next.

We keep close relationships with a number of Banks, Invoice Discounters, Private Equity funds, Venture Capital funds, Angel investors, Growth capital funds, and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP's), along with corporate financiers and brokers for accelerated sales. We can then advise you and ensure that you get the funds that you so urgently require.

Finally, if we really like the deal, we may consider investing alongside others through our sister company Venture Private Equity Ltd.