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Venturn Why a Company Doctor is like a Medical Doctor.

A company doctor is a consultant or advisor, sometimes also referred to as a Turnaround Practitioner, who just like a medical doctor ensures you have a healthy body, can help make sure your business gets back to health and becomes stronger.

There are many parallels between the two types of doctor.

Just like there are many types of medical doctor, a company doctor can fulfil many roles for a company. For example, some doctors work in emergency situations. They will stem bleeding, remove obstacles to the oxygen supply, and ensure the body maintains a healthy pulse. Similarly a company doctor can step in to help a company that is under serious threat by coming up with ways to stem a negative short-term cashflow, make sure payments come in on a regular schedule, and ensure the business is able to survive.

Other medical doctors deal with specific issues as and when they arise, either giving general advice or referring patients to a specialist. A company doctor could help a company with specific issues such as legal problems over intellectual property rights, a product that is struggling to attract interest among buyers, or a creditor who is insisting on unviable interest rates. For business and medical doctors alike, the job is often not just about solving the problem, but also reducing stress and anxiety, allowing people to get on with their day-to-day personal or business lives.

Both types of doctor will also give you help and advice on changing your long-term behaviour to improve your health. For example, a medical doctor may be able to assist you in getting help with giving up smoking or taking more exercise. A company doctor can help you streamline your business, avoid inefficiencies or identify new sources of income.

One big difference however is that while medical doctors must be professionally trained and qualified and are kept under close scrutiny, a company doctor is usually subject to little regulation. For this reason it is important to choose carefully when looking for a company doctor. You will be looking for a well-established company that has built up a strong reputation and can show you testimonials from satisfied customers.

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