Company doctors

Venturn Company Doctors.

If your business needs help, we have the expertise to spot your symptoms and diagnose the problems.

Businesses are just like people, sometimes they become ill and need expert advice and treatment to get them back on the road to recovery.

Venturn are company doctors, with years of experience of treating all the different ailments that can reduce the health of companies, or threaten their survival.

We all know that in the medical world, sometimes drastic, speedy action is needed to save a life. As experienced company doctors, sometimes we will take temporary control of the business and implement urgent survival measures.

Just like a surgeon, we have the judgement and skills to do the right things in the correct sequence, as only an expert company doctor can. A medical patient may need a blood transfusion, drugs, or a new heart, and the surgeon will know exactly when and how to put these in place.

As company doctors we work in a similar way, staving off creditors, injecting cash, cutting out wasteful expenditure, getting better credit terms, maybe finding a buyer for the business.

"We work quickly and expertly having done similar procedures many times for many different patients."