Venturn succession planning

Venturn Succession Planning.

If your business needs help with succession planning, we have the experience to be able to put an effective plan in place.

It is best to think about succession planning sooner rather than later. Having a strategy and a clear idea of what you are going to do about business succession planning is something that every organisation needs to consider.

One report states that in the United Kingdom some 75 percent of firms are owned by families, and that 35 percent of people who both own and manage businesses have a need to address succession in their companies.

Venturn's succession planning can:

  • Assist companies with any problems they have in the area of succession.
  • Build a plan to enable the firm to continue properly through effective succession planning.
  • Look at the person who will be leading the firm and formulate an action plan for them.
  • Develop promising paths for succession within the business.
  • Build strategies and roles for all members of the family, including those who are not involved in the business.
  • Guide business meetings involving the family members who run the firm.
  • Create programmes for mentoring family members who are involved in the business.

Venturn has renowned expertise in succession planning. We are well versed in all the issues that family businesses may need help with. We are active speakers on the subject, and give many presentations at business conferences and seminars on family busineses and succession planning.

"We know that each family situation is different, and have proven expertise to help families secure a bright and profitable future for their family business."

Our advice covers all sizes of business and encompasses the private and public sectors.