Venturn recession Advice

Venturn Recession Advice.

If your business is struggling, don't face the problem alone.

When things get tough you need good advice from experienced professionals.

We can assist in every way from straight talking advice over the phone, all the way up to meeting your bank and creditors. We advise on cash management, keeping your supply lines open, motivating your team, avoiding insolvency, and keeping your business alive.

If things go wrong, we can advise on a business reconstruction, also known as a pre-pack administration or phoenix. We work for you and not your creditors, so we can assist with all negotiations with Banks, Insolvency Practitioners and Lawyers.

"Don't let your business die because you didn't take advice when you really needed it. We can work on a fee, success or equity basis and will consider any location in the UK."

If you would like to find out more please contact us on 0121 663 0070.