Start-ups and high growth

Venturn Start-ups & High Growth.

Change brings about stress, uncertainty and challenges any team.

Start-up businesses have particular challenges and they often become acute when the business takes off and really starts to grow. New requirements come into place that need better systems, cash controls, project management, quick diagnose of issues, employment issues, supply chain negotiations, and production management to name but a few.

"We have the experience and skills to help you during these times."

We act for business owners and investors alike. We share your passion and get things moving in the right direction.

When you’re business is small and starting to grow, you can’t always employ people for specific jobs. You need a wide range of skills but you’ve probably got a small team. It’s also likely that your team are focussed on product development, or business development and sales.  There’s probably also a strong Entrepreneurial spirit in the business. This spirit has to be nurtured as it is the heart and sole of the business. But at the same time, you can’t ignore the running of the business, the establishment and communication of a clear plan and strategy, the development and implementation of a marketing plan. Budgets, forecasts, cash management as often more important in start-ups, but they are often ignored.  Business processes, sales pipeline management, project management, HR skills, legal and contract negotiation skills are all required, and it’s easy to get things wrong.

Our skills compliments the start-up team’s skills perfectly. We too are Entrepreneurs, so we understand creativity and focus, and the importance of understanding your customer and market. But we are professional managers, and we can underpin the business strategy. We reduce the risk of things going wrong, and make sure that the business develops and grows in a strong and sustainable way.   We advice VC’s and Angel investors, we act as non-executive directors, and advisors the board.

Don’t leave it too late and call us when things are going wrong. Put us in early, as an insurance policy to prevent things from going wrong. We love to work in start-ups.