Venturn turn around management

Venturn Turnaround Management.

We are called many things, some of which we approve of...

  • Turnaround Manager
  • Turnaround Practitioner
  • Company Doctor
  • Chief Restructuring Officer

Some of which we are more descriptive...

  • A Friend
  • Advisor to the Board
  • The guy from the bank

Some we don't approve of...

  • Business Advisors
  • Consultants
  • Insolvency Practitioners (definitely not)

You can call us what you want, but make sure that you do call us ! It's cost you nothing to have a chat with somebody who could help you and become a friend.

Turnaround in Management is the art of turning a business around. Usually the business comes to us in a state of distress where the risk of failure or even closure is high. Venturn then work with the existing management team, we act quickly, and we assess the issues being faced. We have the experience of seeing 50+ companies each year so we can spot the root causes and diagnose problems quickly. The first steps in turning your business around are to establish “what is” and “what is not” the problem. We help to get to this point quickly.

Once we’ve have diagnosed the problem, we can get on and fix it. We have the benefit of learning something from every single business that we visit. We therefore know how to get things moving, and start to turn the corner. Getting agreement and buy-in for implementation plans is at the core of Business Turnaround. Buy-in is always required from Directors, managers and staff, and usually 3rd parties including banks and investors, customers and suppliers, HMRC and landlords. Implementation is the hard part, so make sure that you get the right advice, from experienced professionals.