What our customers say

Venturn What our clients say.

Here are just a few quotes from satisfied customers.

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Michael Loizou, January 2011
Ridgeway Capital

Venturn performed a Due Diligence review for one of our investments and were able to quickly get to the core business issues and true funding requirements.

Lawrence Boswell, October 2010
LB Telecom

Venturn helped me save my business and helped make it more profitable than ever. They got right to the route of serious issues and the advice Stephen gave was right on the money

Investment Manager, Midlands based VC July 2010.
Button Legal LLP

Venturn provided objective and independent advice and helped management implement difficult decisions.

Nick Button, Senior Partner June 2010.
Button Legal LLP

During a difficult trading period Venturn were extremely helpful in identifying ways to help me improve the cashflow of the business. I was impressed by Stephen Moon's grasp of the issues and the speed at which he was able to turn matters around.

Mark Craddock, Managing Director May 2010.
CT Machine Tools Ltd

During the height of the recession our manufacturing company was suffering some very challenging trading conditions, we were introduced to Steve Moon who very quickly recognised and understood our issues. Within a very short time span Steve had put together a plan to secure the core business interests that would produce a strong efficient company with a proven revenue stream.

Given the severe trading difficulties the Company faced had we not engaged Steve to guide the Company through the various Banking and staff issues another UK Machine Tool Company would be no more.

Tareq Ali, Partner May 2010.
Sehgal & Co

We approached Venturn so that we could have a better idea what was happening to our business given various external economic factors that were affecting it. Venturn provided us with a speedy and thorough analysis which gave us a clear insight into what our monthly management accounts meant and provided us with projections which has allowed us to consider exactly what direction we should take with our business. Their analysis has allowed us to take stock of our business and work at setting up a business model which will help us adapt to the changes in our profession and deal with the effect of external economic factors

CEO March 2010.
Software development company

Venturn were instrumental in enabling the management to address the considerable issues they were facing and to affect an achievable and palatable turnaround plan that will hopefully lead to a 100% return to all creditors whilst providing the management the headroom that they need to lead the business into a positive and productive future. They provided the management with the key grasp of the legal responsibilities and processes, bought the management the time that they needed in order to negotiate with all creditors whilst still delivering sales and contracts, and enabled the management to affect a restructuring plan.

Tim Macleod-Clarke, Chairman January 2010.
Medical Gas Solutions Ltd

Venturn have the ability to get to the core of a business and give sound advice.

Porfolio Director January 2010.
London based VC

Venturn came in late to a difficult situation where the company was on the edge of insolvency. They quickly grasped the dynamics of the situation, established credibility and trust with the management team, and provided calm and reassuring advice throughout.

Managing Director March 2010.
Brewery & Aerospace Label Manufacturer

Venturn's RACI analysis allowed us to identify our team building issues very quickly. Once we could see the problems the solutions became obvious.

Managing Director November 2009.
Machine Shop business

It is refreshing to meet Turnaround Practitioners who go beyond financial reengineering and tackle the root managerial and operational causes too.

Russell Turner, Managing Director December 2009.
Kitchen Retail Business

Stephen gives 100% commitment to his tasks and is always available when needed. He very quickly understood our company and its problems and was able to put in place good management controls and offered support on a wide range of issues.

Mark Luscombe January 2004.
ENG Holdings Ltd

A few hours with VTL and my board really understood what I'd been telling them for years.

Howard Wilson 2008.
Trimite Ltd

Venturn provided a sound objective view removing the emotion that was holding us back.

Keith Newton December 2007.
React Installations UK Ltd

They cut through the numbers and told me what I really needed to know.